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Information on Avoiding Foreclosure
For Your Information Only - Do Not Return with Your Borrower Response Package
Mortgage Programs Are Available to Help
There are a variety of programs available to help you resolve your delinquency and keep your home. You may be
eligible to refinance or modify your mortgage to make your payments and terms more manageable, for instance,
lowering your monthly payment to make it more affordable. Or, if you have missed a few payments, you may
qualify for a temporary (or permanent) solution to help you get your finances back on track. Depending on your
circumstances, staying in your home may not be possible. In this case, a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
may be a better choice than foreclosure – see the table below for more information:
Receive a new loan with lower interest rate or
Makes your payment or terms more affordable
other favorable terms
Pay the total amount you owe, in a lump sum
Allows you to avoid foreclosure by bringing your
payment and by a specific date. This may
mortgage current if you can show you have
follow a forbearance plan as described below
funds that will become available at a specific
date in the future
Repayment Plan
Pay back your past-due payments together
Allows you time to catch up on late payments
with your regular payments over an extended
without having to come up with a lump sum
period of time
Forbearance Plan
Make reduced mortgage payments or no
Have time to improve your financial situation
mortgage payments for a specific period of
and get back on your feet
Receive modified terms of your mortgage to
Permanently modifies your mortgage so that
make it more affordable or manageable after
your payments or terms are more manageable
successfully making payments during a “trial
as a permanent solution to a long-term or
period” (that is, completing a three- or four-
permanent hardship
month trial period plan) that approximate the
modified payment
Short Sale
Sell your home and pay off a portion of your
Allows you to transition out of your home
mortgage balance when you owe more on the
without going through foreclosure. In some
home than it is worth
cases, relocation assistance may be available.
Mortgage Release
Transfer the ownership of your property to us
Allows you to transition out of your home
(Deed-in-Lieu of
without going through foreclosure. In some
cases, relocation assistance may be available.
We Want to Help
Take action and gain peace of mind and control of your situation. Complete and return the Borrower Response
Package to start the process of getting the help you need now.
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