Rental Increase Letter Template


Dear Resident:
I would like to thank you for renting at our property. I am taking this opportunity to notify
you that your rental rate will increase as outlined below:
Your current rent is ___________.
Your new rent will be ___________.
The dollar amount of the increase is ______________.
The percentage of the increase is __________%___.
The Montgomery County Voluntary Rent Increase Guideline for this year is _____%.
This guideline is published by the County Executive based on figures from the U.S. Department
of Labor showing the rent component of the Consumer Price Index for the Washington-
Baltimore metropolitan area for the preceding calendar year.
This increase will take effect on ______________________, two months from now.
General information and assistance regarding evictions are available from the
Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs.
If you feel the rent increase is excessive, you may request that the Montgomery County
Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs review the new monthly rent.
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