Small Business Subcontracting Plan Checklist

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*Small Business Subcontracting Plan Checklist
Include this checklist each time you send a final budget to Purchasing Services.
1. Reference Information
Solicitation Number
(Example: BAA-NIAID-DMID-NIHAI2009058):
Subcontracting Plan Title: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Requestor’s Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Requestor’s Title: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Requestor’s Responsibility Center: _______________________________________________________________________________
Requestor’s Department: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Has the budget been finalized by the Office of Research?
If you answered NO, the budget must be finalized by the Office of Research before you submit it to Purchasing Services.
If you answered YES, provide the name of the person who finalized the budget: ________________________________________
2. Timeline
As indicated in the
, the timeframe will vary based on the level of
Guide to the Preparation of *Small/Disadvantaged Business Subcontracting Plans
complexity in drafting the subcontracting plan. However, a minimum of
ten (10) business days
is recommended.
Enter the date on which you submitted your final budget to the Purchasing Services department: ____________________
Ender the date by which you need a subcontracting plan from Purchasing Services: ____________________
Does the submission meet the recommended
10-day minimum
If you need a subcontracting plan in fewer than 10 days from the date you submitted a final budget to the Purchasing Services
department, please explain your circumstances:
3. Documents
Forward the following two documents to Purchasing services, via this email address
for the
development of a federal subcontracting plan:
A final detailed budget in excel format
including a “summary of materials” worksheet
(see sample
Note: Your final budget must include a “summary of materials” worksheet that identifies anything that must be sole-sourced
A completed version of this checklist
To be completed by Purchasing Services:
Procurement Specialist: ____________________________________________________
Notes on any additional DBE supplier sourcing efforts that were required to complete the federal subcontracting plan:
* The title “Small Business Subcontracting Plan” or “Small/Disadvantaged Business Subcontracting Plan" is an abbreviated version of the formal title found in Federal
Acquisition Regulations (FAR), which reads “Small, Small Disadvantaged and Women-Owned Small Business Subcontracting Plans”.


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