Communications Plan Template


Communications plan template
Guide to this template
This template has suggested headings and comments to help you write a communications plan.
Different projects or issues will require different levels of detail. This plan provides a starting point
so feel free to tailor it to make it work for you.
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Provide one or two sentences about the topic your communications plan covers.
Outline why you need to communicate.
Communication objectives
List one or more objectives you want to achieve. These should be linked to wider project or
organisational goals.
It is useful to make your objectives SMART: specific, measureable, achievable/realistic and time
Background and environmental factors
It may be helpful if you insert a brief summary of the project or of previous communications on
this topic, for example whether anything has been said to staff, stakeholders or the media.
Write about any internal or external factors, for example:
related or interdependent projects, or
other external events that may impact on your communications (eg media coverage of a
topical issue; another organisation’s activities that are relevant).


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