Sample Recruitment Policy


Sample Recruitment Policy
Statement of Intent
The Management of_______________________is committed to ensuring that the recruitment and
selection of all employees will be fair, open and transparent and will comply with all relevant
legislation. Personal information received is dealt with in the strictest confidence. Inclusion forms an
important aspect of the recruitment of staff within the service. Applicants will not be excluded from
being considered for a position based specifically on their need, background, culture, religion,
gender or economic circumstances. (as pertaining to the Equality Act 2004). Positions will be offered
based on competency, qualification and enthusiasm for the position.
Recruitment Procedures
Job Description
Once a vacancy occurs a detailed job description is prepared before each post is advertised and is
available to all applicants. The job description includes:
Job title
Location of the position
Who the employee will report to
Overall purpose of the job
Key area of work
Details of specific duties and responsibilities
Hours of work
Person Specification
The person specification includes
other attributes required to carry out the job satisfactorily.


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