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All posts are publicly advertised in local newspapers, job markets and websites and clearly state that
_______________________) is an equal opportunities employer. All advertisements include the
Name and role of the organisation
Job title
Brief description of the job
Location of position
Qualifications and experience which are essential and which are desirable
Whether the position is full time or part time, temporary or permanent
How to apply
How to get further information
Closing date and time for application
Logos if appropriate, e. g. NDP, NCIP, pobal, et
The Application
All applicants are sent the job description and person specification, together with the application
form (if an application form is being used rather than CVs). All applicants are required to complete a
Garda Vetting Request form.
Completed application forms will be dated on receipt. To ensure confidentiality, only those
nominated to undertake the selection will see the completed application forms.
A short listing/interview panel (selection panel) with a minimum of three people is set up to review
all applications. The short listing panel and the interview panel will consist of the same people as far
as possible and have gender balance
The selection panel agrees the selection criteria from the information supplied in the
advertisement and the job description and before any applications are examined
Assessment of applications is based only on information provided by the applicant
All applicants who meet the selection criteria are invited to attend for interview
A letter of regret is sent to all applicants who do not meet the selection criteria
A complete report of the short listing process is prepared by the selection panel


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