"Cold" Cover Letter - To A Potential Employer


“Cold” Cover Letter – To a Potential Employer
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Name of potential employer
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Dear Ms. / Mr.______________ ,
I am interested in being considered for an internship. I am currently a first year MBA student at the Penn
State University, Smeal College of Business focusing in (concentration) and (concentration).
My previous work experience has increased my knowledge of (area of knowledge) and has enabled me
to make use of my education in a professional environment. I am very serious about my previous (area
of education and work experience) and future career and am eager to learn as much as possible
throughout my internship. I am interested in working for your organization to gain practical experience
and additional knowledge pertaining to my field of study.
My professional and academic background, along with my sincere interest of (area of interest), has
enhanced my acknowledgement of (area of interest). As a highly motivated professional, I enjoy the
challenge of complex demanding assignments. My well-developed writing and communication skills are
assets to an office environment.
I welcome the opportunity to elaborate on how I could make a substantial contribution to your
organization as an intern. I look forward talking to you soon.
Thank you!
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