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AUTHORITY: 37 USC 406, 5 USC 5726; and E.O. 9397.
PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): Primarily used for evaluating requests submitted by Service members and eligible individuals for
shipment and/or storage of personal property. Also used to prepare the Government bill of lading and other shipping
documents (as applicable) to move the personal property. Used by the Finance Office for collection from the member in
case goods to be shipped exceed Government entitlement limits.
ROUTINE USE(S): DD Form 1299 is provided to commercial carriers and shipping agents as the official shipping and storage
DISCLOSURE: Voluntary; however, failure to provide the requested information may delay shipping dates and impede
storage arrangements.
In consideration of said household goods or mobile
4. I agree, prior to shipment and at my expense to place my
homes being shipped at Government expense, I hereby
mobile home in condition to withstand transportation.
agree that:
5. I understand that transportation of my mobile home and
1. This shipment/storage lot consists of my property or the
shipment of baggage and household goods within the United
property awarded to my ex-spouse incident to a divorce
which was acquired by me prior to the effective date of my
States are provided in Chapter 10, JTR.
6. I understand the Government will not be responsible for
2. If my orders are modified or cancelled and affect this
goods remaining in storage after the expiration of the
shipment, I will immediately notify the shipping office at
point of origin (or port, if any) and destination.
authorized period.
3. I will remit the proper amount or consent to the
7. Professional books, papers and equipment are or were
collection from my pay as may be necessary to cover all
necessary in the performance of official duties.
excess costs occasioned by this shipment.
In consideration of said household goods being stored
household goods, or if, after diligent effort, notice to me
at Government expense, I hereby agree as follows:
cannot be effected, the Government may proceed as
follows: (a) place and store the household goods in
1. I will notify the transportation office responsible for
commercial storage at my expense, or (b) if a commercial
storing my nontemporary storage account of any changes
warehouse will not accept the household goods for
in my storage entitlement.
commercial storage at my expense, the Government is
hereby authorized to take whatever action in accordance
2. The Government is authorized to enter into any
with law and regulation may be deemed appropriate to
agreement and to do all acts and things which may be
effect disposition of the household goods.
convenient or necessary to store the household goods.
Storage of the household goods is furnished subject to
6. When the household goods are stored in commercial
such applicable laws and regulations as are now or may
facilities and the authorized period of storage at Government
hereafter be in effect.
expense expires, all storage and incidental charges accruing
after the last day of the authorized period of storage shall be
3. The Government may store the household goods in
at my expense.
Government facilities or in commercial storage under a
Government contract.
7. The Government shall not be liable for charges incident
to storage or services in connection with the household
4. The Government may move or transfer by any
goods (1) not authorized by law or regulation to be at
appropriate means the household goods from their present
Government expense, (2) in excess of weight limitations
location to Government or commercial storage facilities
imposed by law or regulation, or (3) after the expiration of
and from such facilities to an appropriate destination upon
the period of which storage at Government expense is
termination of storage.
5. When the household goods are stored in Government
8. Government contracts for the storage of household
facilities and the authorized period for storage at Govern-
goods limit the liability of the warehouseperson to $50 per
ment expense expires, the Government may require me to
article or package as listed on the warehouse receipt.
remove the household goods from their place of storage.
Applicants are advised to consider obtaining insurance on
In the event, after 30 days notice, I fail to remove the
their household goods while such goods are in storage.
DD FORM 1299 (BACK), SEP 1998


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