Donation Solicitation Letter


A good fundraising letter is clear, concise and personal. Your goal is to let everyone know why it’s so
important to raise funds for New York City’s hungry children and their families. Below is a basic template.
We encourage you to add details to explain your/ your company’s unique passion for the campaign.
Dear [Name],
It’s easy to spend $10 or more on lunch in New York City without thinking twice. You may be surprised
to know that in the hands of City Harvest, that same $10 can help provide lunch for 40 children in our
city who regularly face hunger.
I encourage you to join me in the fight against hunger. This May, I am fundraising for Skip Lunch Fight
Hunger, City Harvest’s citywide campaign which asks individuals to donate what they would normally
spend on lunch to help feed New York City's hungry children and their families. In today’s difficult
economic climate, more than 20% of New Yorkers are living in poverty, including one in three children.
During summer months, access to free school meals may become limited, adding strain to families
who already struggle to put food on the table. You can make a difference by donating to my team’s
fundraising efforts. The team, [your team name], will be collecting donations [fundraising date(s)]
With your support, [your team name] hopes to raise [your goal]. Even a small amount helps
City Harvest rescue and deliver good food for hungry children and their families.
$10 helps feed 40 children
$20 helps feed 10 children for a week
$50 helps feed 6 children for an entire month
Please support me and join in this critical fight against childhood hunger by making a tax-deductible
contribution here: [hyperlink to your fundraising page]. Share this link with friends and family! You can
also make a cash or check donation (check made payable to City Harvest, Inc.).
Thank you in advance for your generosity and your contribution to City Harvest. I look forward to
updating you on our team’s progress.
With sincere thanks,
[Your Name]


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