Sample Letter Of Intent For Work Experience


Sample letter for work experience
Your name
Full Address
The Employers name
Full Address
Dear Persons name or Sir/Madam
I would like to apply about the possibility of a work experience placement with your
company during the weeks (insert the dates).
I am a Transition Year student at Portmarnock Community School.
I would like to work (at your company / in a shop / in your school, you fill in what is
appropriate for your placement) because….. (make it sound how interested you are)
I have….. (list any experience that you may have e.g. had a paper round for a year,
babysit for friends/family, have a part time job in a local shop……)
I am …... (list some of your personal skills and qualities e.g. friendly, reliable, hard
working, enjoy meeting people etc) My personal interests are……( write any down that
may help with your application
I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.
Yours sincerely
(Sign your letter )
Print your name


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