Celebration Of Life


Child: ______________________________
Birthday Date: _______________________
Age: _________
Celebration Date: _____________________
Celebration of Life
A Celebration of Life is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday by honoring a child’s life and
accomplishments. If possible, please find a picture for each year of their life and write a short life story to
be brought in to school for this celebration (the photos will be returned). The following is a sample life
story. We ask that you let your child participate in selecting pictures and writing his or her life story for
this celebration.
THE STORY OF _________________
___________was born on _________________ (month, day, year), in ________________ (city,
state, country, continent) on the planet earth. He/she had to be held and taken care of all the time, couldn’t
talk to or tell mom or dad what was needed, had to wear diapers, drank lots of milk and slept most of the
By ______ months he/she could _____________________________ (sit, up by his/herself, crawl, etc).
When ______________ was 1 year old he/she ________________ (learned to walk, etc). He/she
loved to __________________.
At 2 years old __________________ (learned to use the potty, etc) ______________.
When _________________ was 3 years old he/she (came to Montessori school, could talk in whole
sentences, run, ride a tricycle) and loved doing ____________________. At home he/she helped by
And now __________ is ____ years old! He/she can _______________ all by his/herself! His/her
favourite colour is __________, favourite food is ________, favourite activity is ________ etc.
The Celebration of Life is done during opening circle. You are welcome to join your child’s celebration
by reading your child’s story as they carry a globe and walk around a sun that is place in the middle of the
circle. If you are unable to attend, a teacher will read it. In either case, thank you for your help in making
your child’s celebration a meaningful and memorable event.


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