Sample Letter Of Intent Template


Letter must be on Company
Include: address, city, state, zip
Contact Phone #
Fax #
Attn: [Name of Your Security Badge Coordinator]
Email and/or web address
LAX Security Badge Office
P. O. Box 92216
Los Angeles, CA 90009-2216
Letter of Intent
Enrollment in the LAX Security Badge Program
Dear [Name of Your Security Badge Coordinator]:
[Your Company Name] *has been contracted by* [Sponsoring Co., i.e. name of company who
awarded you the contract]. The contract number between [Your Company Name] and [Sponsoring
Company Name] is [00-0000-00000-00]. The *contract* began (or is scheduled to begin) [M/d/yyyy],
and will terminate on [M/d/yyyy].
We will provide [generalized services, i.e. architectural design, plumbing, electrical services, etc.].
The duties to be performed are as follows:
[List SPECIFIC job duties]
The services will be performed at:
[list ALL specific location(s) where the job will take place.
(i.e. buildings, terminals,
electrical/telecom rooms, perimeter doors, airfield area, etc.]
Tools/equipment will or will not be used to fulfill contractual obligations, therefore, vehicle
access to the airfield
[is/is not] required. Vehicles [are/are not] street licensed.
Our designated authorized signer(s) and certified trainer(s) [is/are] [name of employee(s) and job titles].
Job titles for our employees include; [list job titles (i.e. manager, foreman, technician, laborer, and
driver)]. We are requesting [number of badges] badges.
Approximation of required badges is not a firm
number and is considered flexible by this office
If you require any additional information, please contact [name of employee(s) and job titles] at [phone
Need Original Signature
[Name of Highest Ranking Local Authority]
[Phone Number]
Indicate if contract, sub-contract, at-will agreement, maintenance agreement, or warranty


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