Spanish Worksheet Template - Present Subjunctive


(Chapter #12 – Part 2)
Open the “Spanish” file located on the computer’s desktop. Open the file “Spanish 102 Grammar Tutorials” and double
click on “Spanish 102 - Chapter 12b One - Present Subjunctive (Part 1) An Introduction”
“Spanish 102 - Chapter 12b
Two - Present Subjunctive (Part 1) An Introduction” and complete the tutorial. Once you are done, let a staff member
know, and you will be asked four questions (in Spanish) which will vary from student to student, and relate to the tutorial.
Listen to the tutorial carefully as these two questions are worth five points each! A staff member must put their initials
and give you the points for these questions.
Staff Initials ______ _ Total Points ____
Conjugate the verb using the correct form of the subjunctive
1. Él duda que tú _________________________ (venir) a la fiesta.
2. Juan espera que su amigo _______________________ (estar) en casa.
3. Es probable que ella _________________________ (tener) que repetir el tercer grado.
4. Espero que nosotros ____________________________ (bailar) toda la noche.
5. Prefiero que mi amiga y yo _____________________________ (ir) al cine este fin de semana.


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