Special Operations Recruiting Battalion


MEMORANDUM FOR Commander SORB, Attn: RCSE-SORC-EOD, Fort Bragg, NC 28310-9610
SUBJECT: Explosive Ordnance Disposal Letter of Intent (Enlisted)
1. I hereby request entry into the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Career Program for training under the
provisions of AR 614-200, Chap 6.
2. Upon successful completion of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suitability Test, completed EOD volunteer
statement, issuance of a Letter of Acceptance from a qualified EOD officer or senior EOD NCO, and prior to my
departure from my losing command, I agree to reenlist or extend my enlistment to meet the 26 month remaining
service obligation after EOD school as listed in AR 614-200, table 4-1.
3. Are you a U.S. Citizen? Yes ____No____ Non US citizens or personnel that hold dual citizenship are ineligible
for a Top Secret Security clearance and may not attend EOD training.
4. Are you currently on assignment or have you received notification of assignment? Yes ____No____
If yes, when is your PCS date?___________ Where are you PCS’ng to? ________________ Soldiers on
assignment may not be allowed to attend EOD training without their branch’s prior approval (DA Fm 4187).
Soldiers who volunteer for EOD prior to receiving assignment notification will be deferred to allow EOD
attendance. Stabilization of current drill sergeants and detailed recruiters will not be broken.
5. Have you been convicted by a court-martial or have disciplinary action under UCMJ (Article 15) in your official
military personnel file? Yes______ No _______ If so, why and when did you receive the Article 15?
6. I am aware that, if so determined by a qualified EOD officer or senior EOD NCO, I may be declared unsuitable
for EOD training. _______ (Initials)
7. Have you ever applied for and/or attended Explosive Ordnance Disposal School? Yes ___ No ___.
If so, When?_____________________________________
8. Have you attended an Explosive Ordnance Disposal briefing? Yes___ No ___
If so, When/Where?_______________________________________
My GT Score is: ________
My GM (MAINT on ERB) Score is: ________
My ETS date is: _________
My BASD is: ___________
Rank: ________Last Name: __________________First Name: ________________ MI: _____
SSN____________________ Unit, Post, and Zip Code________________________________________
Duty Phone: (
)______________ Home Phone: (
)______________ Beeper/Cell Ph: (
E-Mail Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________________


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