Community Room Reservation Form


Community Room Reservation Form
Application Date ______________________________
Owner’s Name ________________________________________________________________________
Telephone ____________________________________
Unit Number __________________________
Date of Meeting/Event __________________________ Hours (include set-up & Clean-up) _________
Type of Meeting/Event ___________________________________ Estimated # of attendees ________
Will refreshments be served?
Yes _____ No _____
Fees: A refundable usage fee of $25.00 is to be paid at the time of reservation. The usage fee
deposit is refunded if the Community Room is returned cleaned and in good order and repair.
Availability: Meetings/events may begin Monday – Sunday 8: 00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. If this is
abused, the usage fee will not be refunded, and future requests by the abusing party will be
Owners will be held responsible for adhering to the Community Room use Rules and
An agreement form must be signed, and a deposit delivered to confirm the reservation.
Please do this as soon as possible in order to secure the desired date.
Maximum capacity is 50. Applicant is responsible for ensuring this is not exceeded.
Homeowners may reserve the Community Room through the Association during business
hours. Reservations will be confirmed or rejected by the Association. In the event of a
reservation cancellation, residents are requested to notify the Association on a timely
basis. The right of reservation is restricted to permanent adult residents only.
Reservations will need to be made in less than 3 months in advance.
Deposit will be returned upon receipt of clean-up check list and after the Association has
checked the room, and if there is no evidence of other rule violations.
The Association reserves the right to cancel a reservation with a five-day notice to the
group, except for Weddings and large parties.
Owners are held responsible for their guests by controlling noise and disturbances. If
disturbances call for involving the police, the privilege of reserving the room will end.
No smoking and no firearms are permitted at any time.
All meeting and events must conclude by 10:00 p.m.
Food and drink may be served.
The Community Room must be left clean. All garbage must be removed from the
premises. Tables and chairs must be returned to the storage room neatly.


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