Sample Family Child Care Contract


Sample Family Child Care Contract
This contract is made between the parent(s)/guardians:
_____________________________________________name of parent(s)
_____________________________________________address of parents(s)
and name of family child care provider for the care of the following
_____________________________________child’s name and date of birth
_____________________________________child’s name and date of birth
_____________________________________child’s name and date of birth
The payment for care shall be $_____________ per week/ day/ hour
and reflects a schedule as follows:
arrival time _____am and pick up time _____pm on the following days:
The above times and days {are or are not} flexible.
If parent is going to be late picking up the child, every effort must be made
to contact the provider. A late pick up fee of $_____ will be charged.
Payment is due to the provider in advance of care and paid on the following
day of the week: ___________________. Accepted methods of payment
include cash, personal check, credit card, or money order. If a personal
check is returned due to a lack of funds, the parent/guardian must pay a
$ ____ returned check fee. If a check is returned more than one time, only
cash or money orders will be accepted as payment.
If a payment is not made on time, the following fee will apply: $_______


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