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Sample Follow‐Up_____​ _ __________________________________________________________
James Dean
21 Jump Street
San Diego, FL 90210
Name of Person
Name of Organization
1234 Their Street
Boston, MA 02215
Dear ________________:
Remind the interviewer of the position for which you were interviewed, as well as the date
and place of the interview. ​ I t is always courteous to express your appreciation​ .
Confirm your interest in the opening and in the organization. Highlight your qualifications
and slant them toward the various points that the interviewer considered important for the
job. If you have done anything since the interview which demonstrates your interest in the
position, such as talks with alumni, dealers, faculty, research with people or in the library,
etc., be sure to mention it.
Include any information not previously presented to supplement your resume, application
letter, and the interview. You may have completed a term paper or a research project, or
perhaps you have received some kind of recognition. If travel, location, or a similar subject
was stressed during the interview, be sure to confirm your willingness to comply with these
If appropriate, close with a suggestion for further action, such as a desire to have additional
interviews at a mutually agreeable place and time. For a prompt response, it often helps to
end the letter with a question.
Full name, typed


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