Sample Introductory Letter For Parents Template - Safe Environment Program


[Sample Introductory Letter for Parents – the Safe Environment Program of the Diocese
of Lexington. Place on Parish Letterhead.]
Dear Parents,
The safety of your children is always uppermost in our minds. That is why we have
taken many steps in recent years to ensure that these children and young people are in
a safe place when participating in parish programs. All of our staff and volunteers have
received the required background checks and training in protecting our children. We are
now implementing a program mandated by Bishop John Stowe along with the United
States Catholic Conference of Bishops to help even further with these efforts. Lesson
plans have been developed for our various grade levels and will offer specific instruction
in safety. We are also providing you with information about how you can expand on
these lessons in the home. Please be assured that much study and thought have gone
into the preparation of these materials so as to be age appropriate and pertinent.
I encourage you spend some time reviewing this information yourself, and then to sit
down with your children to discuss the importance of “safety rules.” Enclosed with this
mailing are two information sheets – “Know the Rules” and “Q & A on Child Safety” to
get you started. Our goal is to equip both you and your children with the knowledge
that can help keep us all safe!
The basic point is that parents need to be involved with their children. The more you
know about the daily events of your children’s lives, the better you are able to identify
any potential safety issues that may surface. The more regular your communication
with your children, the more at ease they will be at bringing concerns to you. Together
we can insure that our children will be safe and happy.
Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of us at the numbers
given with our signatures. May our Lord bless you and your family!
Sincerely yours,
Pastor or Pastoral Director
Sacramental Minister (if applicable)
Parish Council President


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