My Very Own Cinquain Poem Worksheet Template


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My Very Own Cinquain
Directions: Junie B. and her pallies discover that a cinquain is a five-line poem
with special rules for each line. Fill in the blanks below to complete your very
own cinquain. Then read it out loud to your own pallies.
Line 1:Title (noun)
_______________________________ ________________________________
Line 2:Two words that describe the title (adjectives)
_____________________ing _____________________ing ____________________ing
Line 3:Three –ing action words (verbs)
_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________
Line 4: Four words that express a thought or feeling about the title (phrase)
Line 5: One word that means the same thing as the title (noun)
A Cinquain for Junie B.
by Mr. Scary
Junie (B. )
Bubbly / bouncy.
Learning. Growing. Glowing.
Your HONESTY is awesome!
To read all of the Junie B. Jones books,
visit your local library or bookstore.


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