Sample Neighborhood Impact Statement Template


Sample Neighborhood Impact Statement
Honorable (Judge’s name)
Circuit Court Judge
22nd Judicial Circuit
Saint Louis, Missouri 63103
Defendant’s name
Dear Judge ______________:
I am a resident of (work in) ____________________ neighborhood. I have (lived) (worked) in
______________________ for _________ years. During that time, my fellow residents and I have seen the
devastating impact that drug-dealing and drug deals have on our City neighborhoods. Our neighborhood,
like so many City neighborhoods, suffers at the hands of people who sell and buy drugs. The vast majority
of our neighborhood is full of honest, hard working, and responsible citizens. Yet, a few individuals like
_______________ who deal (buy) drugs, have made our neighborhood a place (where we fear for our
children’s safety) (where our customers are more and more reluctant to come).
I personally (witnessed or am aware of) drug dealers in our neighborhood. (Give example if you wish.)
They bring with them foot traffic at all hours of the day and night. They bring with the constant fear of
violence or danger. They bring with them car traffic that ignores the rules of the road creating traffic
hazards. They bring with them graffiti, littering and loud noises and music – that directly impacts the quality
of life and business in _______________________.
The defendant’s crime occurred in my neighborhood. I appreciate the difficult decision you face. I ask that
you consider the impact of drug dealing and buying on the ____________________ Neighborhood as one
of many the factors you weigh when you assess the sentence against ____________________ . Thank you
for taking the time to review this letter.


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