In-Service Training Record Form


School Readiness Program
1002.82(2)(t), Florida Statutes, states:
The office shall establish pre-service and in-service training requirements that address, at a
minimum, school readiness child development standards, health and safety requirements, and
social-emotional behavior intervention models, which may include positive behavior and support
Pursuant to the above statutory language, and in accordance with training requirements outlined in
Forms OEL-SR-6202, OEL-SR-6204, and OEL-SR-6206, School Readiness Health and Safety Standards
Handbook, all school readiness program personnel are required to complete, at a minimum, 10 hours or
1 CEU of in-service training annually. Annual in-service training must be completed during the state’s
fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30 for center-based and public/non-public school programs,
and during the program’s licensure or registration year for family child care home and informal provider
programs, in any of the following areas:
1. Health and safety, including universal precautions;
2. Infant and/or child CPR*;
3. First Aid (this training may only be taken to meet the in-service requirement once every 2 yrs.);
4. Nutrition, including age-appropriate feeding;
5. Child development – typical and atypical;
6. Child transportation and safety;
7. Social and emotional behavioral and mental health;
8. Family and community engagement;
9. Design and use of child oriented space;
10. Community, health and social service resources;
11. Child abuse and neglect;
12. Child care for multilingual children;
13. Caring for children with exceptionalities;
14. Access to physical activity, including safety in outdoor play;
15. Early and/or Emergent Literacy;
16. Guidance and discipline, including positive behavior supports and interventions;
17. Leadership development/program management and staff supervision;
18. Age appropriate lesson planning;
19. Homework assistance for school-age care;
20. Food Safety training; or
21. Developing special interest centers/spaces and environments.
This record, including the log on the following page, must be maintained in the employee's file for the
purpose of documenting in-service training. The log must be completed in its entirety and copies of
supporting documents (i.e., certificates, diplomas, agendas) must be attached.
NOTE: Supporting documentation is not required for state approved courses taken as in-service training. The
signature of the trainer is sufficient to document course attendance.
In-service training hours used to meet the 10-hour in-service requirement may be earned in a variety of
ways such as participation at national, state, or local conferences relating to children; specialized
workshops; or completion of an online course provided by the DCF Training Coordinating Agency.
*CPR courses must include an on-site instructor-based skills assessment that shall be documented by the certified CPR instructor.
OEL-SR-6207, In-service Training Record – School Readiness Program (October 2016) Rule 6M-4.620, F.A.C.
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