Tenancy Agreement Template Between Landlord And Tenant Page 2


That the Demised Premises shall be strictly for residential use only.
b. To keep the Demised Premises and all the fixtures and fittings therein in good and tenantable state of
c. Not to make, permit or suffer to be made any structural alterations or additions to the Demised
Premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord.
d. To use the fixtures and fittings of the Demised Premises in a reasonable manner and to be responsible
for the replacement of all missing items and all damage caused by the Tenant, his servants and agents
excepting those due to ordinary wear and tear.
e. Not to assign, underlet or part with possession of the Demised Premises or any part thereof without the
prior written consent of the Landlord.
Not to do or permit or suffer to be done on the Demised Premises any act or things which shall or may
be an annoyance or a nuisance or in any way interfere with the quiet and comfort of the occupier of any
adjoining premises.
g. Not to do any illegal act on the Demised Premises.
h. To pay the sum of _________________ (amount)
___________________________________________________________________ (amount in words)
refundable deposit to cover any cost of repairs or damage to the Demised Premises that may be
incurred as a result of the Tenant’s misuse of the Demised Premises upon the expiration of the term of
this Agreement.
This Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of the Federal Republic of
The invalidation of any one of the terms, conditions or other provisions herein by judgment or court order shall
in no way affect any other terms, conditions and provisions hereof, and the remainder of this Agreement shall
remain in full force and effect.
This Agreement shall not be changed or supplemented in any way except by properly executed documents
signed by a representative or officer duly authorized in writing by each of the Parties hereto.
The Parties choose as their domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes under this Agreement, whether in
respect of court process, notices or other documents or communications of whatsoever nature, the following
It is hereby agreed and understood that the Parties hereto shall carry out this Agreement in the spirit of mutual
co-operation and good faith and that any difference, dispute or controversies shall be resolved and settled
amicably among the parties hereto. If, however, amicable settlement shall not be possible, the Parties hereto
agree that all disputes in connection with this Agreement or the execution thereof shall be settled by Arbitration


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