Utah Missing Person Clearinghouse Report Form/waiver


Criteria for Entry into the Utah Missing Persons Bulletin
The following guidelines must be met before information on a missing or unidentified
deceased/living person can be entered into the Utah Missing Person Clearinghouse
Bulletin/Web Site.
MISSING PERSON (Information on a Utah missing person or a person missing from
another state but believed to be in Utah.)
The parent, spouse or guardian must contact a law enforcement agency and file a
missing person report. The missing person must be entered into the National Crime
Information Center (NCIC) files by the law enforcement agency.
A “Missing Persons Clearinghouse Report Form” must be signed, completed and
returned to the Utah Missing Person Clearinghouse, Department of Public Safety, 3888
W 5400 S , Box 148280, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-8280. Forms can be obtained from
the Clearinghouse.
A current original photograph (color preferred) must be received by the Utah Missing
Person Clearinghouse. (Note: Do not write on the back of the photo.)
All information must be approved by the law enforcement agency receiving the initial
missing person report.
The Utah Missing Person Clearinghouse personnel will obtain permission to publish a
law enforcement phone number to contact in the event the person is located, or possible
sighting information is received by the Utah Missing Person Clearinghouse.
In cases of parental abductions, a copy of the court-certified custody order stating that
the reporting parent has custody must be received by the Utah Missing Person
Clearinghouse. (Note: If it is requested that the non-custodial parent=s photograph be
included in the bulletin, an active felony warrant must be present in National Crime
Information Center (NCIC) prior to publication of the photograph). Confirmation by the
investigating officer must be obtained.
The parent, spouse, guardian or investigating officer must notify the Utah Missing
Person Clearinghouse immediately of the location or return of the missing person.


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