Harvard Youth Baseball/ Softball Cori Request Form


All volunteers involved in Harvard Little League are required to provide information to conduct
criminal background checks. Please provide the following information and attach a photocopy
of a valid Massachusetts Driver’s license. If you do not have a license, you may use a
Passport or other government issued photographic ID.
Managers, coaches, board members and any others, volunteers or hired workers, who
provide regular services to Harvard Little League and/or have repetitive access to or contact
with players or teams are required to fill out the attached 2013 Little League Volunteer
Application form. You must include your social security number on the form where requested.
In addition, for compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, all
volunteers are also required to complete the attached CORI Request Form.
Please be sure to sign both forms. On the CORI Request Form, DO NOT FILL IN THE LAST
Please return both forms with a copy of your photo ID to the league’s counsel who will be
responsible for conducting the background checks:
Albert Barbieri
PO Box 265
Harvard, MA 01451-1134
The information you provide and the results of your criminal background check will be kept in
a secure location under lock and key at all times. It is your right to request to see the results of
the background check. If you would like to see the results, please make a request in writing to
Sam Massoni, League President.
It is recommended you keep a copy of these forms for your records.
If you have any questions, please contact Sam Massoni at 978-423-3656 or
**Please note that, per Little League National requirements, anyone who does not complete
these forms is automatically ineligible to be a league volunteer or member.


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