Application For Deregistration Of A Vehicle And Grant Of Parf / Coe Rebate(S)


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You may take about 15 minutes to complete this form. You will need the following information to fill in the form:
Vehicle registration number
For vehicle registered in the name of an individual: Name of registered owner, NRIC (Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs)) or FIN (Foreigners), OR
For vehicle registered in the name of a non-individual: Name of Company, ACRA certificate number/ Unique Entity Number (UEN), Company Stamp, Particulars [Name,
NRIC (Singaporeans and Singapore PRs) or FIN (Foreigners)] of the Director(s)/ Sole-proprietor/ Partner(s) whose name is listed in the Accounting & Corporate
Regulatory Authority (ACRA) printout, or a manager who is authorised in writing by the named Director(s)/ Partner(s) to sign on this Form D01 on behalf of the company
Name, NRIC ( Singaporeans and Singapore PRs) or FIN (Foreigners) of the person performing the transaction on behalf of the registered owner (also known as submitter)
Please read the CONDITIONS overleaf for the granting of PARF /COE rebate(s) before completing this application form. The documents to be
submitted with this form are also stated overleaf.
Vehicle Registration Number :
Name of Registered Owner
: ____________________________________________________________________
Note: -
A vehicle can be disposed for deregistration at an LTA-appointed scrapyard or Export Processing Zone (EPZ), or by export out of Singapore. You can
dispose of the vehicle yourself or engage the services of a CaseTrust-SVTA accredited motor dealer for greater assurance. For more details on the
CaseTrust-SVTA accreditation scheme, please visit
A Transaction PIN (TPIN) is required when you deregister a vehicle at an LTA-appointed scrapyard or Export Processing Zone (EPZ). For vehicles which
have been deregistered due to expiry of their Certificate of Entitlement, non-payment of road tax for more than 12 months or laid up for 3 consecutive years, a
TPIN will not be required when disposing the vehicle at an LTA-appointed scrapyard or EPZ.
Once a deregistration application is approved, a notification letter will be issued by LTA to the last registered owner informing him/ her of the vehicle’s
deregistration and details of any PARF/ COE rebate(s), which may be granted, or arrears of road tax/ late renewal fees(s), if any.
For vehicles stored in an LTA-appointed EPZ, the maximum storage period allowed is 12 months from the vehicles’ date of deregistration, unless otherwise
approved by the LTA. Disposal documents must be submitted to LTA through the EPZ operators not more than 14 days after the vehicles had exited an EPZ
or by the expiry of their storage period, whichever is earlier.
Upon deregistration, any remaining road tax, OPC cash rebates of the vehicle, if granted, will be made to the last registered owner. No application is
Please liaise with your financial institution to settle any outstanding financing on your vehicle before applying for deregistration of the vehicle.
To The Registrar of Vehicles:
*I / We *am / are applying to deregister *my / our vehicle and, where applicable, be granted the PARF/COE rebate(s) in respect of the deregistered vehicle.
*I / We understand that *my / our application is subject but not limited to the following conditions (where applicable):-
(a) Application for deregistration of a vehicle cannot be backdated and it must be done before its road tax or lay up/road tax exemption period expires.
Otherwise, any arrears of road tax and late renewal fee(s) (where applicable) must be settled in full prior to the vehicle’s deregistration application being
considered by the Registrar;
(b) If *I / we wish to retain the registration number of this vehicle for a new or existing vehicle to be registered in *my / our name, *I / we will apply to retain the
registration number before deregistering the vehicle by completing the prescribed form and submitting it together with the registration number retention fee,
this application form, and the valid road tax disc;
(c) Once a vehicle is deregistered, it cannot be re-registered in Singapore. It is an offence for anyone to keep or use a deregistered vehicle. A deregistered
vehicle can only be kept at an LTA-appointed EPZ or an area approved by the Registrar;
(d) The vehicle cannot be parked or driven on the road or in a public place including HDB estates, after it has been deregistered. A general licence cannot be
used on a deregistered vehicle;
(e) *I / We must show proof to the Registrar’s satisfaction either at the time of registration of *my / our new vehicle or within a month of the old vehicle’s
deregistration date, whichever is earlier, or any earlier date which the Registrar may, in his discretion require, that the old vehicle has been scrapped at an
LTA-appointed scrapyard, temporarily stored in an LTA-appointed EPZ, or exported permanently out of Singapore
*I / We declare that *I / we have read and understood the above conditions, and shall undertake to abide by them.
*I / We also declare that the particulars furnished in this application and other supporting documents are true and correct to the best of *my / our knowledge and belief.
*I/ We hereby authorise _________________________ (Name of Electronic Service Agent) as *my / our agent to file this application and all other relevant documents to
LTA on *my / our behalf.
*I / We authorise the submitter named below to submit this application to the LTA / Electronic Service Agent named above.
*I / We consent to the collection, use or disclosure of my personal data to a 3
party as per paragraph 5 overleaf of this application form.
Signature, Company’s Stamp (if applicable) of Submitter & Date
Signature, Company’s stamp (if applicable) of Registered Owner & Date
Name of Submitter: _________________________________
Name of Manager**/Registered Owner:______________________________
NRIC No./FIN.: ____________________________________
NRIC No./FIN of Manager**/Registered Owner:_______________________
Contact Number: ___________________________________
Contact Number: _______________________________________________
* Delete where inapplicable
** For vehicle registered in the name of non-individuals (e.g. Company/business, etc)
@ NRIC: Singaporeans and Singapore PRs / FIN.: Foreigners
To the Registered Owner of Vehicle No: ___________________________________
This is to confirm that the above-mentioned vehicle has been deregistered on ____________________________________.
Please note that the vehicle licence (i.e. road tax) and related fees, if outstanding, must be settled for the period up to the date of deregistration.
It is an offence for anyone to keep or use a deregistered vehicle.
for Registrar of Vehicles
The information is current at time of printing (July 2016)
VRLSO-F-D01-V14 (10PT150-07/15)


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