Individual Tax Organizer Template For 2014


FOR 2014
Enclosed is an organizer that we provide to tax clients to assist in gathering the
information necessary to prepare your individual income tax returns.
The Internal Revenue Service matches information returns with amounts reported on tax
returns. A negligence penalty may be assessed when income is underreported or when
deductions are overstated. Accordingly, all information returns reflecting amounts
reported to the Internal Revenue Service are also mailed or delivered to the taxpayers in
an envelope clearly marker
should be submitted with this organizer. Forms such as:
1. W-2, Wages
2. 1099-INT, interest income
3. 1099-DIV, dividend income
4. 1099-B, sale of stock and other investments
5. 1099-MISC, rent, contract services, non-employee comp
6. 1099 (any other) – gambling winnings, cancellation of debt, etc.
7. Schedules K-1 – income/loss from partnerships, S Corps, trusts
8. Form 1098 – mortgage interest paid
9. Form HUD – Real estate purchases/sales & refinancing.
10.Canceled check if you wish to do direct deposit for your refund
11.Statement showing Healthcare Coverage
For your convenience, there is an engagement letter enclosed which explains the services
we will provide to you. Please sign a copy of the engagement letter and return the
signed copy with your tax information. Keep the other copy for your records.
To continue providing quality services on a timely basis, we urge you to collect your
information as soon as possible. If information from “passthrough” entities such as
partnerships, trusts and S corporations is the only data you are missing, please send the
data you have assembled and forward the missing information as soon as it is available.
The filing deadline for your income tax return is
April 15,
In order to meet this
filing deadline your completed tax organizer needs to be received no later than
March 15, 2015.
Any information received after that date may require that an extension
of time be filed for this return.
We look forward to providing services to you. Should you have questions regarding any
items, please do not hesitate to contact us.
**If applicable, please make sure that you make no modifications
to your quickbooks disk after sending us your year-end


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