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• Express your capabilities with confidence, but avoid exaggerating your level
of experience. Two summers with J.C. Penney’s does not constitute
“extensive” retail management experience.
• Check and recheck for errors. If your ability is limited, have a good writer
go over it. Proofread!!!
• Make sure your final letter is professional in its appearance. Use standard
format, on the same quality stationery you used for your resume. Remember,
crisp and clean.
• Finish your letter with a strong closing, which indicates the action you desire.
Take the initiative by requesting an interview and/or stating your intention to
call in a week or two.
• Let your personality and energy shine through your words. Use a few vivid
details about your background to capture the reader’s interest.
• Keep copies of everything!! Follow through on your stated intentions. A
cover letter is only one means to getting an interview or job. Keep pursuing
other avenues of inquiry.
Helpful Hints:
• Convince employers that you have something to offer!
• Reflect on personal objectives and the needs and interests of your potential
employer as well as the requirements of the position
Other Important Suggestions:
• Research the company of interest. Find out about the services offered and
the logistics of the job you’re applying for so that you can specifically tailor
your letter to that position and company.
• The desired length of a cover letter should be one to two pages. You may
consider using the same heading on your cover letter as you did on your
resume for consistency and style. This can help you stand out in the crowd.
• Font size should be 10-12 point in Arial or Times New Roman font type and
should be consistent with style used on the resume.
• Print cover letter on the same bond paper that you used for your resume.
• Lastly, don't forget to sign your name at the end. Make sure to use either
blue or black ink. Also, neatness counts!
** Remember, your cover letter is your own. Your individuality and strengths are
what you’re trying to share with the employer. Good luck! **


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