Financial Planning For Deployment


Financial Planning for
Legal Considerations
Does the budget include amounts for possible
___Do you have a will?
income changes such as:
___Is your Record of Emergency Data (RED) up
___Family Separation Allowance (FSA) and ad-
to date with the correct beneficiary listed?
___Is the correct beneficiary listed on your
___Do you have a savings plan to help you
achieve your financial goals?
___Do you need to leave a power of attorney
___Have you considered starting an IRA, TSP, or
with anyone?
other long-term investment programs to
build wealth?
___Do you need to leave a medical authoriza-
tion with the person who is taking care of
your dependent children?
___Have you made arrangements to pay your
Financial Planning
regular bills while you are away?
___Do you have a written monthly spending
___Have you made arrangements to pay for once
plan or budget for the deployment? (Get a
-a-year expenses, if applicable?
Financial Planning Worksheet from your
___Have you arranged monthly payments to your
creditors? Do they all have your correct ad-
___If married, do you both understand clearly
how finances are to be handled during de-
___Is automatic web bill pay a good option for
Does the budget include amounts for:
Banking Decisions
___Long Distance Phone Calls
___Are direct deposits and allotments going to
___Gift/Souvenir Purchases
the correct accounts?
___Savings for Vacation after Deployment
___If married, have you considered establishing
separate checking accounts?
___Have you considered joining a credit union?


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