Letter Of Recommendation Worksheet Template


Letter of Recommendation Worksheet
Student Name: ___________________________
Intended College Major: _____________
If you are more comfortable providing typed responses to these questions, please feel free to do so.
Simply submit a hard copy of your typed responses along with this worksheet.
In addition to completing this worksheet, please include a resume of high school activities,
awards and honors, work experience and community service, to your counselor and to each
teacher that will be writing a letter of recommendation for you. (A sample resume is provided in
the College Application Book on page 45. You may also use the resume builder found in Naviance
Family Connection in the “About Me” tab.)
All letters of recommendation for college applications will be uploaded through Naviance
eDocs. The Letter of Recommendation Worksheet and your resume should be submitted to
your counselor and teachers at least 10 business days prior to any admission deadlines.
1. College(s) to receive your letter of recommendation or counselor form:
(Circle top three choices)
2. In what way does your GPA reflect (or not) your true ability?
3. Why are you a good match for the college(s) you are considering?
4. Frequently, colleges want to know how students manage challenges. The transition to
college is often marked by a variety of challenges. Specifically describe a challenge or
difficulty you have faced. How have you grown from the experience?
5. Specifically in reference to the class that was taken with the teacher writing your letter of
recommendation: Describe the academic accomplishment or “stand out moment” (examples:
a specific paper, experiment, in-depth project or speech) you are most proud of, and tell why
you take pride in it.


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