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Dear Mrs. Surname,
I found the job offer of a position of an ACCOUNTANT on a web page www.
. After reading it, I became very interested in this position and I have
decided to apply for it.
I am interested in working for international production companies, where I wo-
uld have a chance to use my knowledge and 3-years of experience. I would like
to offer you my knowledge of double-entry accounting processing which is in
accordance with legal regulations of Slovak Republic as well as with Internatio-
nal Accounting Standards (IAS). My knowledge is not limited only to the field of
accountancy but it even covers financial and economic fields.
I am responsible, precise, reliable and self-dependent when making decisions.
I can easily communicate in English and I would also like to improve my skills in
this language even further.
If you consider the experience described in my Curriculum Vitae adequate and
if you find it interesting, I am looking forward to meeting you in person and tal-
king to you about our possible future cooperation.
Yours sincerely,
First Name and Surname
0850 328 328


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