Sample Work Instruction For Storage W2 Storage


Sample work instruction for storage
This work instruction outlines the steps you must follow for storing food items in order to minimise
the risk of contamination and spoilage.
Goods once received will be transferred to the appropriate storeroom or cool room without
All food received will be stored in the appropriate store (dry; chilled; frozen) in their original
inner packaging where practical.
All outer packaging is to be removed before placing items in the storeroom to prevent
possible contamination or infestation by pests.
All food items will be controlled and FIFO (first-in-first-out) used, especially for food items
with a limited shelf life and explicit ‘use-by’ dates. These food items will be stored in a
manner that ensures older stock is used first.
The manager will ensure that all food items are received, stored and handled in a manner
that will prevent temperature variations and contamination.
All food items must be clearly identified or labelled with the date of delivery/production,
covered during storage if appropriate with either a lid or plastic film. Container lids must
not be stored on the floor.
Raw and ready-to-eat food must be stored separately, ideally in separate cool rooms. If this
is not possible, ready-to-eat food is to be stored on upper shelves above the raw foods.
Cool room doors are to be kept closed at all times (when not in use), and the temperature of
food in cool rooms will be monitored and recorded twice a day. Any deviations in
temperatures must be investigated to initiate correction. All refrigeration units will be
properly cleaned and maintained at all times.
Checks of refrigerators will be made first thing in the morning and in the afternoon and
recorded on the cold storage check sheet. Any food items with an expired use-by date will be
All cooked food items will have the date of cooking displayed.
Required storage temperatures are as follows:
0C – 5C
Raw meat/poultry/seafood:
Cooked meat/poultry/seafood: 0C – 5C
0C – 5C
Cooked vegetables:
Dairy produce: 0C – 5C


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