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over the years have been consistently enthusiastic, stressing my knowledge of the
material, accessibility, and effectiveness in teaching. As a member of the academic
community at the University of X, I currently serve as the faculty-student liaison for the
Spanish Graduate Group, in addition to organizing last year’s annual graduate colloquium
and my ongoing work as assistant to the editors of the Hispanic Review.
I am committed to staying in the Delaware Valley area, and it would be quite easy for me
to come to your campus for an interview should you decide to consider my application. I
would also be glad to meet at the December MLA Conference if that is convenient. My
curriculum vitae is enclosed, with copies of my transcript and letters of recommendation
to follow under separate cover. Because the position description stresses commitment to
teaching, I am sending an additional letter of recommendation that specifically addresses
my teaching skills. Please contact me if any further information is required. Thank you
for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
A.S. Candidate


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