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Sample cover letter
Frank Ashbury
Your name, address and
27 Appleby Rd
contact details
Chapman ACT 2611
0402 123 456
Mr Kyle Minogue
The organisation’s contact,
Graduate Recruitment Manager
and address
ABC Bank
210 Bourke St
Sydney NSW 2001
16 March 2013
Dear Mr Minogue
After speaking to Ms Jessie Donovan at the Tertiary To Work careers fair in Canberra last week, I wish
to apply for a graduate position in the investment banking stream with ABC Bank. My interest in
investment banking has grown over the last several years, particularly after my summer internship
The reason why you are
experience at WeInvest last year.
writing this letter
I am currently in my final year of a B. Commerce/B. Laws degree at Australian National University
(ANU) and I hold a Distinction average. I have been an active member of the Finance and Banking
Society (FINSOC) at ANU and the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA) for the past two
Can you do the job?
Some of your key skills and
I developed strong analytical skills through my research into the deregulation of East-Asia’s financial
experiences, relevant to
sector in the past twenty years. I enhanced my strong communication skills as a Volunteer Guide at the
the position
National Museum, my teamwork skills in my part-time retail assistant role at David Jones, and my
organisation skills in my position as paralegal with the commercial law firm Smith & Partners. I enjoy
playing rugby, and as a rugby coach for under 14s, I used initiative and my problem solving ability in
running local competitions.
Will you do the job?
Your interest in the
ABC Bank’s global outlook and recent expansion into East-Asian markets appeal to both my legal and
organisation and position
commerce backgrounds. I would enjoy contributing to ABC Bank’s growth in deregulated markets
overseas, as well as in the domestic sector. I would also look forward to the opportunity to learn from
experienced staff in the mentoring program within ABC Bank’s graduate program.
Do you fit into the
organisation’s culture?
Thank you for your time in this matter. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my application
Align “you” with “them”
further with you.
Yours sincerely
Frank Ashbury


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