Swimming Pool/hot Tub Final Inspection Checklist Template


55 MAIN ST., PO BOX 660
SAG HARBOR, N.Y. 11963
Final survey must indicate as-built location of swimming pool, equipment and required fencing.
Electrical underwriters certificate must be provided prior to final inspection.
Certified cost of construction form must be provided prior to final inspection.
Barrier around swimming pool is at least 48 high [AG105.3 #1]
The recommended metal mesh barrier is a 1x1 mesh. Turkey wire fence is generally not acceptable,
although heavier types of agricultural-type fencing may comply. Lighter gauge mesh that can be easily
deformed to provide hand- and foot-holds is not approved. The posts must be installed at adequate
intervals and/or the top of the mesh must be supported so as to prevent children from bending the fence
down. [See AG105.3 #4, #5]
There is no more than 2 space between the bottom of the barrier and the ground. [AG105.3 #1]
Gates through the barrier swing out, away from the swimming pool. [AG105.3 8.1]
Gate latches are installed in the inside of the barrier at least 40 above grade, or; the latch handle is
located outside the barrier and is 54 above grade. [AG105.3 8.2]
If gate latches are below 54 , there may be no openings in the barrier within 18 of the latch handle.
Therefore, spaced-picket type fences adjacent to latches must be made solid within 18 of the latch handle.
[AG105.3 8.2]
Gates self-close to latch from any open position. [AG105.3 8.1, 8.2]
Doors (and/OR screen doors where so equipped) from the residence opening directly into the pool
enclosure at equipped with compliant (listed in accordance with UL 2017) alarms. Exception: if the
swimming pool is equipped with a compliant safety cover (listed to ASTM F 1346), alarms are not required
on the residence doors. [AG105.3 9.1, 9.2]
The swimming pool is equipped with a wave detector alarm installed in accordance with the
manufacturer s instructions. The swimming pool coping must be drilled to accommodate the detector.
Exception: Swimming pools provided with a compliant safety cover. [AG107.1 #2] The alarm shall sound
poolside and inside the dwelling [AG107.3]
The swimming pool suction lines are equipped with an atmospheric vacuum relief system. This
protection is in addition to the required dual drains.
Heated swimming pools are be furnished with a vapor-retardant cover [N1103.8.2]
Swimming pool heaters are furnished with a readily accessible on-off switch [N1103.8.1]
Swimming pool heaters are furnished with a time switch [N1103.8.3]
Swimming pool pumps are furnished with a time switch [N1103.8.3]
Receptacles for a swimming pool pump motor that are located within 10 feet of the swimming pool
shall be the single, locking and grounding type, and; be GFCI protected. [E4103.1.1]
A general-purpose receptacle shall be located at least 6 feet but no more than 20 feet from the
swimming pool or spa and shall be GFCI protected. [E4103.1.2, E4103.1.3]


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