Group Onboarding Checklist Form


Group Onboarding Checklist by Entity Type
Nature of Business
 A written request for new account on Company Letterhead, duly signed by authorized signatory/ies, which includes:
o Clear summary of the Company’s business operations, organization, ownership structure and incorporation date
o Details of Registered Office, relevant jurisdictions, physical location & address of operating entities / place of
o Source of Funds / Wealth
o Intended purpose of the account(s), including account types, currencies, expected turnover, cash flows and
countries where payments will be made
o For international and exempted companies, provide reason for incorporating and/or establishing a relationship
in Bermuda
Corporate Customer Information Form
 Completed Customer Information Form – for Entities
 Corporate Resolution to open the relevant account(s) with the appropriate Clarien Entity(s) and conferring authority
on the specified signatories to operate the account(s) with sample signatures
Identification and verification of Authorised Signatories of the Account(s)
 Completed Customer Information Form for all Signatories
 See Checklist of documents required for Individuals
Not required for Regulated Financial Institutions that have confirmed they are a Reporting FFI for FATCA/CRS and who have provided their
GIIN – in which case, same requirements as Directors below]
Identification of Directors and Authorised Signatories
 Passport
 Evidence of Address (e.g. utility bill)
Identification and verification of all owners and ultimate Beneficial Owners owning 10% or more
(not required for Companies listed on Recognised Stock Exchange)
 For complex structures (more than 2 layers of ownership), organization chart showing the full ownership structure
 Completed Customer Information Form/Tax Cert for all owners
 See Checklist of documents required for each entity type (i.e. for Individual, Corporate or Trust)
 All documents submitted must be originals or original certified copies. Copies should be notarized if submitted from outside Bermuda
 Clarien may request additional information and verification
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