Form Vt - 2005 Veterans' Program Contribution And Deduction

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Rev. 11-05
2005 Veterans’ Program Contribution and Deduction
15-30-154, MCA
Please provide your name(s) and address as it appears on your individual income tax return,
Form 2. If you are married filing jointly or married filing separately on the same form, please
provide both names and social security numbers below.
Social security number(s) _______________________________________
If you elect to itemize your deductions when you file your individual income tax return either jointly
or separately, when you compute your net income, you can claim a deduction for donations that you
made to:
the State Veterans’ Service Account or
the State Veterans’ Cemetery Program.
This deduction is not allowed under 15-30-154, MCA if the amount is included as an itemized
deduction under 15-30-121, MCA.
Spouses who make joint contributions can deduct these from the net income of either spouse or
you can allocate them between spouses.
We allow this deduction in the year that you made your contribution. (For example, if you made
your contribution on April 15, 2006 and submitted it with your 2005 Montana income tax return, you
can deduct it for the tax year 2005 if you elect to itemize deductions).
You have to make your contribution by separate check and attach it to this form. This form and your
contribution have to accompany your individual income tax return, Form 2.
My contribution is to:
1. the State Veterans’ Service Account Contribution
2. the State Veterans’ Cemetery Program
3. add lines 1 and 2 for the total contribution.


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