Form Ucb-12 - Weekly Work Search Notice


Department of Workforce Development
Unemployment Insurance Division
Weekly Work Search Notice
Beginning immediately, you must search for work in each week you want to be paid
unemployment benefits.
Contact at least two employers per week who hire people with your skills or might have other work
you can do.
Follow the guidelines below when making your work search:
In person contacts are preferred. Telephone or mail contacts are acceptable only if
the employer cannot be contacted in person or this is the customary method of applying
for this type of work.
Registration with a public or private placement agency is an acceptable contact only on
the first visit to that agency or when you are asked to return by the agency.
If during a week you attend an employment workshop which offers instruction to improve
your skills toward finding and obtaining work, report the name and telephone number of
the organization sponsoring the workshop, the location of the workshop, the name of the
workshop leader and the date(s) you attended on your work search record. This is
acceptable work search activity and counts as an employer contact.
Repeat contacts are not acceptable unless you are asked by the employer to come back.
Your local Job Center receives job opening information from employers that is updated on a daily
basis. You are encouraged to make frequent visits to the Job Center where you can view, select and
apply for job openings for which you are qualified and take advantage of the services that can help you
in your job search. For the address of the Job Center closest to your home, call 1-888-258-9966.
Please note that viewing job leads at the Job Center or looking at the newspaper want-ads DOES NOT
count as a work search by itself. You must contact an employer in person, by mail or by telephone.
Keep a record of your weekly work search activity on the back of this notice. When you run
out of space, you can print additional pages of the work search report form from the Internet at
If you do not have access to the Internet, you can keep
your work search record on a separate piece of paper. Be sure to include all of the required
information. Do not mail in this form unless you are asked to do so.
The Department may request evidence of your work search at any time during your claim. You will be
expected to show evidence of your work search activities for the eight weeks prior to the date of that
The law provides penalties for false statements about your work search activities.
If you have any questions about your work search, refer to the Handbook for Claimants or call a Claims
UCB-12 (R. 06/2009)


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