Authorization Letter Template


Lands Tribunal Application No. LD
Official Use
ID card verified
Letter of Authorization
*I / *Our Company / * The Incorporated Owners of
holder of *HKIC No. / *Business Registration No. / *Certificate of Registration No.
*[the *owner / *landlord / *tenant of the suit premises known as “
hereby authorize *Mr /*Ms /*Miss
holder of HKID No.
to act for and on my / our behalf :-
* to present the Notice of Application /*Notice of Opposition for filing at the Lands Tribunal
* to commence / *to oppose, to attend hearing of and to negotiate, compromise or settle the legal
proceedings relating to the matters arising from the *said premises / *building or estate;
* to enforce the court judgment/orders;
* to collect the cheque(s) for me or us or our company or corporation.
A copy of my ID Card No. __________________ is enclosed.
Dated this
day of
Signature of *Applicant / *Appellant / *Respondent
Full Name of the Signatory:
* Please delete whichever is inapplicable.
 If the Applicant/Appellant/Respondent is a company/incorporation, please affix the company
chop and write down the full name and post of the signatory.
Rev Jul-2012)


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