Affidavit (Under Section 255 Of The Tax Law) Form - New York Limited Liability Company

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(Under Section 255 of the Tax Law)
State of ____________ }
County of ___________ }ss:
____________________ , being duly sworn, deposes and says:
1. I am the Managing Member of _______________ , a New York Limited Liability Company,
which is the owner (the "Owner") of that certain Wraparound Mortgage dated ____________ (the
"Wrap Mortgage") in the principal sum of $ _______________ executed by Owner encumbering
the premises commonly known as , ____________ , New York, recorded on _________ , ______
in the office of the Register/County Clerk of the County of __________ in Reel/Liber ______ at
page _______ , which Wrap Mortgage was, and still is, subject to the "Prior Mortgage" as
hereafter defined. At the time of the recording of the Wrap Mortgage, Section 255 Affidavits were
duly filed and mortgage tax was paid in the amount of $ ____________ .
2. There is an existing mortgage dated _____________ , ______ made by _____________ to the
_______________ (the "Prior Mortgage") in the original principal sum of $ ________ recorded on
____________ , in the office of the Register/Clerk's of _______ County in Reel/Liber ______ at page
______ , upon which a mortgage tax of $ __________ was paid.
3. The Prior Mortgage was assigned by ____________ to ___________ ("Assignee Bank") by
Assignment intended to be recorded in the office of the Register/Clerk of _______ County
immediately prior to the recording of the Modification and Extension Agreement referred to in the
next paragraph.
4. On ____________, _______, Owner and the Assignee Bank entered into a certain Extension and
Modification Agreement which modified and extended the terms of the Prior Mortgage. The
principal amount of the Prior Mortgage in the sum of $ __________ remains unpaid.
5. Assignee Bank has this date refinanced the Prior Mortgage by lending $ _______, which
amount is evidenced by a note and secured in part by a, mortgage in the sum of $ _________
("New Mortgage").
6. A Consolidation and Extension Agreement dated this date which Consolidation and Extension
Agreement, submitted for recording herewith, consolidates the lien of the Prior Mortgage and the
New Mortgage to form a single consolidated lien in the sum of $ _________ (the "Underlying
7. That as further additional security for the payment of the debt secured by the Underlying
Mortgage, Owner has executed and delivered to Assignee Bank an Assignment of Lessor's
Interest in Lease (the "Assignment of Leases"), which Assignment of Leases is also being
submitted for recording. The Assignment of Leases is made for the purposed of further securing
the debt secured by the Underlying Mortgage and does not create or secure a new or further
indebtedness or obligation.


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