Arm Theraband Exercises: Standing (Spanish & English) Physical Therapy Worksheet


Arm Theraband Exercises:
Do these exercises while standing. You will hold one end of the
theraband in the hand of the arm you are to exercise. The other end of
the band will most often be anchored by your foot on the exercising side.
Be sure to breathe as you do these exercises. Do the exercises with slow,
steady motions for the best results.
Exercises should be done _____ times each day.
Repeat each exercise ______ times.
Do these exercises with:  Right arm  Left arm  Both arms
‰ Anchor the band around your
foot on the same side you are
Hold the other end of the band
in your hand.
Start with your arm at your
side and your elbow bent to
90 degrees.
Slowly bend your arm at the
elbow, bringing your hand to
your shoulder, stretching the
Slowly take your elbow back
to the starting point.
Relax and repeat.


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