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Home Loan Application Checklist
Here is a checklist to have handy when you apply for a home loan with St.George Bank. This checklist is
only meant as a guide, as all of the points may not relate to you. Bear this in mind when working through
the checklist.
Savings History
You may need to provide us with a copy of your passbook or all statements of your savings account(s) held with
other banks or financial institutions – covering a period of the last three months.
Proof of income
You will need to provide us with the following documentation for proof of income to support your application:
Salary/Wage Earner
Your last two consecutive payslips which contain the following:
• Details of each component of your income
• Current and year-to-date gross and net income
• Your name and your employer’s name.
Or alternatively, any two of the following:
• Salary/employment letter from your current employer confirming length of employment, your gross basic
wage together with any other components relating to your salary
• Most recent employment contract which identifies your name, employer’s name and gross basic wage
together with any other components relating to your salary
• Latest payment summary/group certificate, tax assessment notice or tax return
• Evidence of consistent income amount regularly deposited to your bank account
• Latest payslip which identifies your name, employer’s name and your gross and net income.
Self-employed Applicants
You will need to provide us with copies of your personal income tax returns and full financial statements for the
past two years, and the most recent financial year’s Assessment Notice, which is no older than 18 months at the
date of application.
Rental Properties
If you are purchasing a rental property, provide us with a letter from a real estate agent indicating the anticipated
rental income. If you have a property which is already tenanted, you will need to provide us with a copy of
the current Residential Tenancy agreement and recent bank statements showing rent payments or a rental
statement from the managing real estate agent.
Centrelink Payments
A letter from Centrelink (or Department of Social Security, or equivalent) detailing current entitlements.
Details from your employer confirming payments received over the last two years, plus copies of your tax returns
for the corresponding two-year period.
A copy of the Court Order and a current statement from the Child Support Agency showing amounts received,
together with copies of current statements showing payments over a six-month period.
Loans and cards with other financial institutions
Provide details of other loans, e.g. credit card statements, personal loan statements.
Expense Details
Provide details of any extraordinary expenses, e.g. private school fees,
maintenance payments.


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