Guarantee Of Rental/lease Agreement Form


Guarantee of Rental/Lease Agreement
In consideration of the execution of the Rental/Lease Agreement by and between Campos Rental Properties
______________________________ and for valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged,
the undersigned _______________________________, herein referred to as Guarantor, does hereby guarantee
unconditionally to Owner/Agent, and or including Owner’s/Agent’s successor and assigns, the prompt payment
by Tenant of the rent or any other sums which become due pursuant to the Rental/Lease Agreement, including
any and all courts costs or attorney’s fees incurred in enforcing the Rental/Lease Agreement.
In the event of the breach of any terms of the Rental/Lease Agreement by Tenant, Guarantor shall be liable for
any damages, financial or physical, caused by Tenant, including any and all legal fees incurred in enforcing the
Rental/Lease Agreement.
This Guarantee may be immediately enforced by Owner/Agent upon any default by Tenant and an action against
Guarantor may be brought at any time without first seeking recourse against Tenant.
The insolvency of Tenant or nonpayment of any sums due from Tenant may be deemed a default giving rise to
action by Owner/Agent against Guarantor.
If any legal actions or other proceedings are brought by any party to enforce any part of this Guarantee, the
prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred.
This Guarantee does not confer a right to possession of the premises by Guarantor, and Owner/Agent is not
required to serve Guarantor with any notices to terminate or to perform covenants, including any demand for
payment of rent, prior to Owner/Agent proceeding against Guarantor for Guarantor’s obligations under this
Unless released in writing by Owner/Agent, Guarantor shall remain obligated by the terms of this Guarantee for
the entire period of the tenancy as provided by the Rental/Lease Agreement and for any extensions granted
pursuant thereto.
In the event the terms of said Rental/Lease Agreement are modified by Tenant and Owner/Agent, with or without
the knowledge of consent of Guarantor, Guarantor waives any and all rights to be released from the provisions of
this Guarantee and Guarantor shall remain obligated by said additional modifications and terms of the
Rental/Lease Agreement.
Guarantor hereby consents in advance to any changes, modifications, additions, or deletions of the Rental/Lease
Agreement made and agreed to by Owner/Agent and Tenant during the entire period of the tenancy.
This section to be completed by Guarantor
Name: ______________________________________________ Home Telephone: ______________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Employment: _________________________________________ Work Telephone: ______________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Driver’s License # __________________________________
Social Security # _______________________________
Date of Birth: ___________________________ Email: ______________________________________________
Mobile Telephone:____________________________________
Guarantor authorizes verification of the above information including a credit report and agrees to furnish addition
information on request.
Signature: ___________________________________________
Date: __________________________
Please attach a copy of your current driver’s license


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