Sample Letter To Srp, Mayor, Council Members, And Legislators


Dear __________,
I am writing to you as a concerned {resident, neighbor, business owner, parent or church
member} who is adamantly opposed to the SRP proposal of installing 230kV overhead
transmission lines along Germann Road for the SRP Price Road Corridor Project. I
strongly object to this plan for the following reasons:
 The Germann route passes directly by 3 churches, 5 preschools, a private K-12
school, a youth community center, 4 large apartment complexes, plus homes,
stores, and gas stations.
 The property values along Germann Road will be reduced.
 There exists a very strong public perception that these lines would create health
and safety risks to the residents.
 The City of Chandler and Home Owners Associations are very concerned about
maintaining the aesthetics of community. Overhead transmission lines would
adversely impact the aesthetics of our community.
The first choice for overhead transmission lines should be along highways or in rural
areas regardless of the costs because such lines are much less noticeable along a
highway or in a rural setting than within a densely populated residential area. Obviously
cost will be significant for the route of this project. However, that should be the very last
consideration because of the severe negative impacts the installation would bring to the
community and its residents.
Based on all the concerns I have shared, I urge you to use your input and influence to
ensure that Germann Road is not the chosen route for the 230kV transmission lines.
Sincerely yours,
(Your name here)


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