Temecula Police Department - Counter Traffic Collision Report Form


Temecula Police Department
Traffic Collision Counter Report
Your collision has been determined to be the type of collision called a “Counter Report”.
A Counter Report is a report that is taken after the collision, away from the collision
scene. Use of this form is appropriate when:
A. There are no injuries to any party and
B. All parties are identified or
C. The collision is a hit and run where identification and prosecution of the suspect
is not likely.
Section 20015 of the California Vehicle Code prohibits a law enforcement officer from
establishing fault in a “Counter Report”. Although we will not investigate the collision,
we will maintain a copy of the report for purchase by any involved party or their
insurance company’s representative. In some cases, the officer issuing your counter
report will have a report number immediately available for you and should write it at the
top of the counter report prior to giving it to you. A sample report number would look
something like this: TE092580XXX.
In other cases, the officer will not have a report number immediately available. In these
cases you will be contacted via telephone by an officer with a report number after you
have submitted your counter report.
Copies of your report will be available from the Temecula Police Department after you
have submitted your completed report to us and it has been processed. The normal fee for
copies of police reports will apply.
When completed, return this form to the Temecula Police Department or mail to:
Temecula Police Department
30755-A Auld Road
Murrieta, Ca. 92563
California Law requires that all persons involved in a collision involving injury or
damage in excess of $750.00, file an SR-1 Financial Responsibility form with the
Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 business days of the collision. This form does
not satisfy that requirement. You may obtain the form from the Department of Motor
Vehicles, your insurance carrier or most law enforcement agencies. Failure to file the
SR-1 form will result in the suspension of your driving privilege.
Providing false information on this form is a crime.


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