Request To Use Public Address System At Fountain Square Park Form - City Of Bowling Green

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Request to use Public Address System
at Fountain Square Park
• Name of Organization / Individual______________________________________________________________
Address of Organization / Individual____________________________________________________________
Contact Person_____________________________________
Phone (
Social Security Number of Individual____________________________________________________________
Or Federal I.D. Number of Organization)
• Date Park is to be used______________________________________________________________________
Request time________________________
a.m. / p.m.
a.m. / p.m.
Proposed use of the park_____________________________________________________________________
Release & Waiver
The responsible party / renter agrees to hold harmless the City of Bowling Green, its’ officials and employees from and against any and
all claims, suits, actions, damages and/or causes of action during the term of this agreement, for any personal injury, loss of life,
property and/or damage to property sustained in or about the said premises, and from and against all cost, expenses and liability
incurred in and about any such claims the investigation thereof or the defense of any action process brought thereon, and from and
against any orders and/or judgments that may be entered therein. The responsible party / renter also agrees that by signing below
they will pay for any damages incurred while using the park. Also, by signing below, this certifies that the rules for use have been read
and understood.
It is also understood that the fees incurred to the City of Bowling Green are for the use of Fountain Square Park and / or public address
system equipment only and that it will be the responsibility of the requester to contact the City’s local vendor (Double Dome Systems
270-846-4468) and at the requestors cost for the operation for the public address system.
Responsible Party Signature
Responsible Party Signature
Date Received:_____________________
In Person
Deposit Received: Check #___________
City Representative:__________________
Confirmation mailed / called:___________


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