Landscape And Hardscape Brainstorming Worksheet Template Page 2


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Plan to work on landscape: in PHASES over several seasons/years or ALL at once.
Favorite COLORS are:____________________________________________________________________
Would like ANNUAL or PERENNIAL color or a COMBINATION of both.
PERENNIALS: for a cutting garden? or just part of landscape?
DESIGN STYLE: Formal (rectilinear & structured) or INFORMAL (curvilinear & natural)
MAINTENANCE: enjoy working in yard (moderate to high maintenance) or
do not enjoy working in yard (low maintenance)
PRIVACY: would like a NATURAL border or hedge row, or a STRUCTURAL fence or wall,
or a combination of both.
DRAINAGE: appear to have NO drainage issues, or YES we have drainage issues.
PARKING: would like ADDITIONAL parking areas or would like a TURN-AROUND added to existing drive.
Planning to REMODEL or ADD the following to site or house now or sometime in the future:
HOUSE: this is a PERMANENT residence (for many years) or
this is a TRANSITION residence (plan to sell in future).
CHILDREN: #_________ of children, ages:_____________ living at home to consider or
there are NO children at home.
PETS: #_____________ of outside pets to consider in landscape or there are NO pets.


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