Form Av-14 Notice Of Appeal And Application For Hearing - Nc, Wake County

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Notice of Appeal and Application for Hearing
North Carolina Property Tax Commission
FOR TAX YEAR _________________
P. O. Box 871
Raleigh, NC 27602
(919) 733-7711
Instructions for completing this Application and an informational bulletin are available
Names and addresses for County Assessors and County Attorneys are available at:
In the matter of the appeal of:
Telephone Numbers
Property Owner’s Name
Mailing Address
City, State, Zip Code
E-mail address
Parcel ID Number or County Account Number of property being appealed ______________________________________________________________
Address of property being appealed ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Legal name of property being appealed _________________________________________________________________________________________
Description of property being appealed __________________________________________________________________________________________
On _____________________ _______, ___________ (month, day, year) the property owner’s appeal was heard by the _____________________________
County Board of Equalization and Review or Board of County Commissioners and on _____________________ _______, ___________ (month, day,
year) the property owner was notified in writing of the Board’s decision and that the true value in money thereof as of January 1, ___________(year) was
(A copy of the County Board’s decision must be submitted with this Application to
verify that you appeared before the board.)
Check & complete all that apply:
Property owner appeals County Board’s decision as to the true value of property.
Owner’s Appraisal or Opinion of Value:
Real Property
$ _____________________________
Personal Property $______________________________ (only if appealing personal property)
Property owner appeals County Board’s decision denying property tax exemption or exclusion.
Property owner appeals County Board’s decision to deny hearing before the County Board (due to timeliness, etc.).
Comments: (Please attach additional documentation if desired) _____________________________________________________________________
This Application (Form AV-14) shall be prepared and signed by (1) the property owner or (2) a North Carolina licensed attorney for the property owner. If
the property owner is a corporation, an officer of the corporation or its attorney should prepare and sign the Application. In the case of a partnership, a
general partner may sign. In the case of a trust or estate, a qualifying fiduciary may sign. A tax representative or agent is not authorized to prepare
and sign the Application.
The undersigned property owner or lawful representative makes application for hearing before the Property Tax Commission and respectfully
requests that the Commission schedule a hearing so that the property owner’s objections, as above set forth, may be presented to and
considered by the Commission.
NOTE: If someone other than the property owner should be the contact person for this
appeal, provide the following information:
Name (Print or Type)
Title (Owner, Attorney, Corporate Officer, General Partner, Etc.)
Email Address
Timely appeals must be received by the Commission or postmarked by
the US Postal Service within 30 days after the date the County Board
Telephone Number
mailed notice of its decision to the property owner.
_____ PTC ___________ (DO NOT REMOVE NUMBER)
TIMELY _______


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