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Please read this first.
A central tenet of astrology is that something is written at the moment of a birth or a moment in
time and place and some component of this moment has a bearing on the future. In this survey,
this component, which astrology explores via horoscopes, is labelled the “fate” of a person’s life
or the “fate” contained in a moment in time.
It is often assumed by non-astrologers that astrologers believe that one’s entire life and life
decisions are dictated by the “stars”, yet no one has actually asked astrologers about their ideas
on fate, destiny and freewill. Thus your answers are important as they will go towards building a
concept of fate (or determinism) as used in 21
century western astrology.
Therefore I thank you in advance for your contribution to this project. Your answers will be stored
in a database and analysed, along with the answers of astrologers from all over the world, to
help create this overall picture. The results will then form a part of my doctoral thesis.
Please be assured no information will be stored in the database which could identify you.
This survey should take you about 15 - 20 minutes.
If you wish me to email you back your personal determinism report then please
clearly print your email address.
email address: _______________________________________________________
Section 1 – About You
1) What year were you born? _____________________
2) Male/Female _________________
3) In what country do you live? _________________
4) How long, in years, have you been studying astrology? __________________
5) As there are different types of astrology, could you please circle the type that you now
prefer to use.
If your type is not listed then please enter your preferred astrology ______________
6) Who do you consider to be the some of the major authors who have influenced your study
of astrology?


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