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Rental Agreement Form
1. Tenant Responsibility: The tenant is responsible for the care of the premises, appliances, and furnishings, and for any
and all damage by negligent or wrongful acts caused by tenant or tenant’s guest. The tenant signing this document
least 30 years of age
must be at
and plan to be present at all times during the period rented, and agrees to take
full responsibility for any and all damages resulting from negligent or wrongful acts caused by tenant or tenant’s
guest during the time period of the rental.
3. Cancellation Policy: The deposit is refundable less a $200 cancellation fee if cancelled 60 days prior to the agreed upon
arrival date. NO refunds are given if cancellation is received less than 60 days prior to the agreed upon arrival date, unless
we re - rent the property for the dates then the $200 cancellation applies. There is no refund for early departure.
For properties that have a hot tub, the following would be reason’s why a portion of your security
deposit will not be returned: Beverages or food are found in the hot tub, cleaning beyond normal
maintenance to include having to have the hot tub filled/topped off with water or drained and
refilled. Please be careful not to have more people in the tub then what it comfortably seats, water
that is displaced must be refilled.
Please shower before and after hot tub
5. LIABILITY AND DAMAGE: The tenant shall indemnify and hold owner/rental agency harmless from any and all liability,
claims, losses, damage or expenses arising by reason of any injury, death, or property damage sustained by any person
including tenant or any agent or employee of tenant where such injury, death or property damage is caused by negligent or
intentional act of tenant or any guest of tenant.
6. NOISE AND NUISANCE: Tenant shall not disturb neighbors with loud noise or music or unlawful, unsafe, or
pollution causing behavior, to include large groups of intoxication. Should tenant allow or participate in such
behavior, tenant will be evicted and forfeit the remainder of the rental fee and security deposit. Please remember
Loud music played after dark outside is not permitted.
fireworks in Michigan are illegal.
7. SALE AND UNAVAILABILITY: In the event the property becomes unavailable because of damage, destruction, or sale of
property, owner/rental agency will refund the tenant the full paid rental fee without penalty.
8. OWNER’S STORAGE: Tenant understands that certain areas of the rental unit are reserved for owner for storage of
personal items and are not for use by the tenant or the tenant guests. Force entry of such areas will be considered trespassing
and may result in a portion of security deposit being kept.
9. RIGHT OF ENTRY: Owner/rental agency or his employees shall have the right to enter the property at reasonable hours for
purpose of making repairs, cleaning, or inspections with notice given.
10. DEFAULT BY TENTANT: This agreement imposes an obligation of good faith in its performance and enforcement.
Tenants understand that upon violation of any above conditions agreement restrictions, covenants and obligations of the
rental agreement. Owner may terminate this rental agreement and enter the property by force or statutory proceedings, in
which case any and all monies paid by the tenant to owner will be forfeited by the tenant as liquidated damages in addition to
and not in lieu of any other right or remedy under law.
11. .ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING. Smoking is not allowed inside the premises, and no cigarette butts are to be left on the
grounds or premises.
FIREPLACE: Fireplace is for use by the tenants. Tenants are fully responsible for any negligence or misuse that my result
in injury to the tenant and/or the tenants guests.
12. PARTIES: The total occupancy of the property is not to exceed the properties sleeping arrangement posted on the
listing for this property. Any exception to this must be agreed upon by the owner/rental agency and tenant prior to
Any parties or family gatherings must be brought to the attention of the property
the tenant’s arrival.


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