Form Tc105 - Application For Correction Of Assessed Value Of Property Indicated On The Tax Maps By An Identification Number - 2005 Page 2


7. DESCRIPTION OF IMPROVEMENTS - If not previously reported to the Department of Finance.
8. CLAIMED VALUE AND CLASS RATIO - Estimated market value must be stated.
Applicant objects to the assessment on the grounds that it is unequal or excessive because the assessment exceeds the full value of the property, as
Tentative actual assessment
$ ___________________________________
Applicant's estimate of market value
$ ___________________________________
Estimated class assessment ratio
X 45% or ___________________________%
Requested assessment = line b x line c
$ ___________________________________
Market value of land as if unimproved (optional)
$ ___________________________________
Market value added by new improvements during the two years ending January 5
$ ___________________________________
Do not use this form to claim unlawful assessment, misclassification, or error in determining the amount of an exemption; use Form TC106 with TC200.
Set forth information here in support of market value estimate or attach statement of facts and other documents, or submit at the hearing.
This application must be signed by an individual having personal knowledge of the facts who is the applicant or a fiduciary or an agent or an officer of a
corporation or a general partner of a partnership or a member or manager of a limited liability company, which legal entity is the applicant or is a general
partner or member or manager of the applicant. If an agent signs, attach a notarized power of attorney signed by the applicant and Form TC244, Agent's
Statement of Authority and Knowledge. If a fiduciary, see Form TC600 for instructions on documentation of authority.
Print name of person signing ___________________________________ If signing as an officer, general partner or member or manager specify name
of entity and person's title.
Name of entity __________________________________________________________ Title _________________________________________
Singer or entity is:
The applicant .
General partner of partnership applicant.
Member or manager of limited liability company applicant.
An attorney, employee, property manager or other agent. A notarized power of attorney and Form TC244 must be attached.
I, the person whose signature appears below, swear or affirm under penalty of perjury that the statements contained in this application,
including attachments, are true to my personal knowledge.
Signed: ________________________________________________________________________________
The signer must appear and acknowledge the signature before a notary.
County __________________________ State ___________________________ Date _________________
Sworn to before me:
Signature of person administering oath ________________________________________________________
INSTRUCTIONS FOR FORM TC105: Apply on this form if you object to the valuation only; if you also seek Tax Commission review of a classification or
exemption claim, make your application on Form TC106 with TC200. Complete all parts. Be sure the form is properly signed and notarized. File a
photocopy with the original. File only in the Tax Commission's office in Manhattan. It must be received by March 1 (or by the following business day
if March 1 is a Saturday or Sunday). A Tax Commission receipt (Form TC10) is the only proof of timely filing. To obtain review, all open proceedings
must be listed on Form TC140 with index number and year. TC140 may be attached or submitted at your hearing. If you seek review without a personal
hearing, TC140 must be attached to the application. Form TC200 must be attached by an applicant other than a record owner to establish standing as a
person aggrieved. For more information see Form TC600 How to Appeal a Tentative Assessment and TC600A Supplemental Instructions.
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